Georgia Tent & Awning Inc. has been in the business since 1930 and is locally owned and operated. Over the years, Georgia Tent & Awning Inc. has been a leader in the canvas products and the industrial products manufacturing field and is one of the largest companies of this type in the Southeastern United States.

In 1991, Georgia Tent & Awning Inc. began work in government contracting. The first contract was making ammunition covers, then tent flies and tents for the military. Early in 1994, Georgia Tent & Awning Inc. was awarded a 9 million dollar contract for General Purpose Medium Tents.

In early 2006, Georgia Tent & Awning Inc. was awarded a 1 million dollar contract from the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport for manufacturing and installing the island canopies for the North and South Terminal. Since then, Georgia Tent & Awning Inc. has continued making awnings, canopies, and wind panels for the airport, either directly with the City of Atlanta or from various construction contractors.

During these years Georgia Tent & Awning Inc. has earned national & regional recognition for outstanding work in the manufacture of awnings, canopies and canvas specialty products.

Whether it’s commercial or residential needs, Georgia Tent & Awning Inc. have you covered.
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