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During periods of direct sunlight, awnings can reduce interior heat by 77 percent. And since awning fabric doesn't trap heat and moisture, air-conditioning costs can be reduced by as much as 25%.

From a study by the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers

Georgia Dome

• Research from Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) shows that 35.2 million square yards of awning fabric was consumed in 2007.
• Technological advances in digital printers and inks offer greater identity options for awning and canopy fabrics.

Keep frames, replace the fabric!
metal frame + fabric cover = awning

Renovate older or storm-damaged awnings by replacing the fabric covers and give your shopping center a quick, economical face lift with new color or texture. These management companies did.

Chastain Square
Equity One
Cruise Crossing
David Realty Partners
Lindbergh Plaza
Wheeler Kolb Mgmt.
Roswell Town Center
Branch Properties
West Village
Branch Properties
1100 Peachtree
Carter Management
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