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Year-round Mountain Retreat

A beautiful home with a pavillion overlooking the mountains becomes a year round retreat with Georgia Tent & Awning WeatherWalls.
A motorized roll curtain over the grill and countertop can be retracted at any time.
Sliding window frames with clear vinyl shut out the cold. On marginal days during spring and fall, open the roll curtain and sliding panels for a delicious cross breeze.
Fixed panels, one with a door, enables the homeowners to use the pavillion year around. On cold days every thing is butttoned down for a warm and cozy at-home getaway. During the summer all the panels can be removed and stored.

WeatherWalls by Georgia Tent & Awning turn this residential pavillion with a mountain view into a cold-weather haven for entertaining. Simply add a roaring fire and patio heaters and send out the invitations.
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