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When the weather outside is frightful, these portable heaters that resemble flying saucers on a stick and WeatherWalls by Georgia Tent & Awning will keep biscuit fanciers warm at Flying Biscuit's Peachtree Parkway location.

Flying saucer? No, Flying Biscuit
Our task was to combine curtains, fixed panels, and swinging doors for an easy-to-put-up-and-take-down enclosure. Flying Biscuit's color choices of purple and orange architechtural fabric is sure to get noticed.
Fabrication begins in our shop, where swinging doors are welded then smoothed with a grinder. Purple and orange architechtural fabric strips are combined with clear vinyl and sewn together to make the custom-fit panels. Next, our installation crew goes into action.
Assembled and installed, Flying Biscuit's cold-weather enclosure now doubles as space for overflow dining and a warm area for customers waiting for a table. Georgia Tent & Awning's WeatherWalls also reduce cold air that would otherwise rush into the dining room when the doors are opened.
Flying Biscuit's cold-weather enclosure main entrance features fixed-panel swinging doors.
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